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Regardless of scope or scale ZDN’s reach in Canada is unparalleled. Our roster of critically diverse brands shapes the rapidly evolving Canadian marketplace. With coverage spanning nationwide, utilizing 6 unique national platforms and delivering to over 10 million engaged subscribers, the ZDN has become an essential resource for both our users and advertisers. Not only as a way to reach target audiences but to drive meaningful change in the communities they live in.

ZDN is your solution for premium branded content.


40 MM+

Monthly page views

10 MM+

Monthly visitors

60 MM+

Monthly video views


10 MM+

Followers on social

500 MM+

Monthly social reach

1 MM+

Newsletter subscribers


500 MM+

Monthly impressions

4.4 min

Average time on page

0.31 %

Industry standard CTR


Hive Labs is our fully in-house studio that leverages the top creative talent in the country to deliver your message in a way that will resonate with Canadians coast-to-coast.


Let our multi-talented creative team breathe life into your vision and have your story told the way it deserves to be narrated. Creating not only a tone to your project but a full personality.

Branded &
Partner Content

After decades of refining the art of community engagement we are ready to extend that knowledge and experience to your audience. Partner content allows your brand to utilize the already established market to tell compelling narratives through the lens of ZDN.


With millions of daily users aligning your brand with the ZDN via sponsored content is the fastest way to gain the mass awareness you need to grow your audience.  Relaying a brand message simply through a trusted source with a verifiable nationwide audience has never been easier.


Don’t just read the news, become a part of it! With an email list exceeding hundreds of thousands, working with the ZDN is the way to ensure that your message is delivered to inboxes nationwide.

Social Media

10 million cross platform users is not a number we achieved by luck. The ZDN’s social following is the most engaged audience nationwide because they rely on us daily to deliver news and entertainment in an easily digestible package. Creating connection with 10 million people is right at your fingertips.

ZDN Live

When you need to connect with your audience this instant go LIVE with ZDN.  The best way to illuminate rising stars in the community in an authentic, tangible and relatable medium.


Everyone's a winner when contesting within the ZDN. The fastest path to engagement is giving back and the Zoomer Digital Network has the audience to take your next giveaway to a whole new level!

Content Hubs

A place to live and grow, content hubs within the ZDN allow for both and more. Giving your brand a dedicated space to thrive among the trusted portfolio of ZDN brands, content hubs generate instant recognition and allow you to not only reach, but grow your community.

Display Ads /

Do you have something the world just needs to see? Our display advertising opportunities are the quickest way to get in front of 10 million nationwide users. If that is not enough, take advantage of a  fully branded takeover and your message will not be ignored!


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